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Desde Panamá a Latinoamérica

More than 30 years of experience in the distribution of baby products


Ferval International has more than 30 years of experience distributing baby products in Latin America.
Our main office is located in Panama City and the warehouse in the Colon Free Zone, Panama.

During this years, we have built a distribution network from Mexico to Chile, with related or owned distributors and retail stores that share a common objective, experience, professionalism and commitment for our brands.

The geographic location of Panamá, the Colon Free Zone and the competitive financial system of Panama, added to our experience and distribution network, gives us a unique competitive advantage to position our brands in our markets.

Our company distributes only quality products, that allow us to feel proud and confident, so we can make our best marketing effort.

We offer the complete distribution service, with the creation of the demand,marketing, etc.., but also logistic services such as storage, labeling and dispatching orders to customers attended directly by the supplier. Contact us for rates.

Some of our Services:

  • Consolidate and store in only 1 place, close to our customers, a wide range of quality products and brands from different sources at competitive prices.

  • Respond quickly to customer orders.

  • Assembling of products. We bring many products in bulk and assemble in boxes or blisters in Spanish.

  • Design and printing of packaging in Spanish, inkjet or labeling to comply with sanitary regulations or customs in each country .

  • Financing our customers gives them flexibility. In most of Latin American countries, bank debt or opening letters of credit is expensive.

  • Development and implementation of Marketing Plans for each country. Great experience in the baby products market . Use of promotional channels as lectures to pregnant women, health visitors , exhibitions, etc ... to promote our brands.

  • Development and production of advertising material such as brochures, DVD's , magazine ads , etc ... to be used by all distributors.

  • Visit and follow each country. Communication bridge between suppliers and customers in English / Spanish language.



AS Bryden & (Antigua) Ltda.


Biokal Ltda.


Raices Impon Export Ltda.


Ferdel Chile SA.
Subsidiaria de Ferval Panamá


Natural Sense S AS.

Costa Rica

Ferval de Costa Rica S.A.

El Salvador

Almacenes Siman


Gittens Agencies Ltd






Oualcare Limited


Distribuidor:Ferval Pharmaceutical
Subsidiaria de Ferval Panamá


Ferval Baby Care
Subsidiaria de Ferval Panamá

República Dominicana

Sued & Fargesa, S.R.L.

Santa Lucía

Renwick 8 Company Ltd

Trinidad y Tobago

Young's Pharma Serv Ltd


Giorgio Ferrante C.A.


Bidelsa S A


Comercializadora Mickfra, S.A. de C.V.

Mini Nuts Stores

Mininuts Vitacura -
Av. Manquehue Norte 1176,
Vitacura, Santiago.
Tel: 56-2-22479133


Mininuts Panamá -
Plaza Ledakon (al Lado de Athanasio),
Via Porras, Ciudad de Panamá.
Tel:+(507) 203 3525




Japanese company founded in 1957, specializes in accessories for breast feeding and general baby care.
Web page in spanish:
World web page:

Lansinoh y mOmma

US Company and market leader in breastfeeding products. Maine product is HPA Lanolin, the world´s purest lanolin.

World web page:


German company with over 150 awards in sefaty and design for its car seats, strollers and baby carriers.

World web page:

Naturest Purest

English Company, designs and manufactures organic baby cloth. Beautiful collections with natural colors of cotton.

World web page:

Mother´s Assistant

Baby Accessories, like baby carriers, harness, bags, natural sponges, and much more!


Health care products like nebulizers, thermometers, humidifiers.



Naturaleza y Vida

From Barcelona, Spain, hair care products made of natural ingredients.

World web page:


Bio Oil is a specialist skincare oil that helps improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone. It is the number one selling product for scars and stretchmarks in 18 countries.

World web page:


Japanese company with long history and experience in the development of products for monitoring blood pressure, nebulizer, Fitness, thermometers and others.

World web



Complete line for men to cover the grey.

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From U.S.A, complete line of bibs and burp clothes for babies.

World web page:


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